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3D Printed Replace-a-Part

There is nothing more frustrating than a $2 part bringing a machine to a stand-still. If a plastic part has broken which you need replaced, we have the skills and technology to quickly replace it.

…AND it costs a lot less than you might think!


Simple pricing

Composite Materials

Can also print in metal

Fast Turn Around

Money Back Guarantee!

beat planned obsolescence

Things are designed to fall apart, often it’s a proprietary $2 plastic part which you need to replace but often can’t even find. Let us solve this for you!

It may come as no surprise that product makers build in components which are designed to fail after a certain time period. It’s known as Planned Obsolescence and we here at Made in the Gong battle with it every day.

And we win.

How it works:

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Please see our dedicated NEW website for Replace My Part at

This new website has all the information you need to get your part replaced.


A recent Replace-a-Part was for an old Tea Table. These are the caster wheel inserts.

The old ones had completely broken so we designed out the design flaws and made a much better version. Gave the customer a few spares too.

Another recent Replace-a-Part

This is a ring from a toilet flusher. Used in a commercial setting, the old design was always breaking resulting in a whole new kit needing to be ordered. For the price of one kit, they got 12 of these custom made for them.

What our customers say about Replace-A-Part..

Recently I had a very heavy surround system stereo speaker fall from my ceiling .
The reason we found for this falling, was the deterioration of two support pieces(out of five) that were used to secure it into place.  To replace these speakers would cost me thousands of dollars because the parts are not sold seperately, and I had purchased the setup over 10 years ago!  On further investigation these parts had broken on my other 4 speakers and were therefore also a huge safety risk for myself and my young children.

Brad from ‘Made in the Gong’ was able to take this part,
replicate it (but also design it to make the part stronger)
so I as able to have all of my speakers reinstalled safely.

I could not recommend this company more highly!!
Sonia R.

What we did for Sonia and her dangerous speakers

The speakers use a clip to hold it onto the ceiling. These clips were of poor design and would fail if over tightened at all. The failure took awhile, about a decade but the result could have been catastrophic for her family if it landed on someone’s head.

So we took her broken part and designed it again, making it stronger.

Here is the design we made her (click the image to rotate the design):

[vrm360 canvas_name=s1 model_url= aspect_ratio=1.8 initial_offset=0.9]

Bad design and planned obsolescence are why we built our business.

Let our skilled team help fix your broken stuff for a lot less than it costs to replace. Then if it ever breaks again, you have a cheap source of the right part as we keep all your parts on file ready to print at any time!